Kmmunity consists of a wide range of dedicated people, who are all a part of defining what Kmmunity is and can be. With beating hearts we strive to be an inclusive platform, where we continuously support each other, whether it be professionally or emotionally. Below are all the cute coordinators, artists and collaborators.

Benjamin Voldum Krog (He/Him)

Benjamin Voldum Krog, b. 1999, is a danish photojournalist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Apart from long-term projects and personal work, both inphotography and videography, Benjamin Voldum Krog also does commissioned portraitsand reportage features. His work mainly revolves around youth, music, environmentalissues, and social injustice. As a part of his education at the Danish School of Media andJournalism, he is interning at the Danish daily Politiken.

Babette McPhillips (She/Her)
Actor, Coordinator and Videographer

Babette is a part of the managing team. She also works as a video/photographer - and makes graphic content. Her main focus is to find ways to include performance arts more in the cultural night life, both as a director and performer.

Bluma Seline Cornett (She/Her)
Coordinator, Communication and Events
Currently in Australia

Bluma is a part of the managing team at Kmmunity, handling internal/external communication, coordinating events ( ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈)ഒ

Cecillie Klausen (She/Her)
Photographer and Filmmaker

Copenhagen based Photographer & Filmmaker Cecillie Klausen graduated from Copenhagen Film & Photography school in 2020. Her work explores themes of female identity, intimacy, gaze, movement and documentary. Inspired by her love of film, cinema and characters, Cecillie has been a part of different exhibitions and magazines with her carefully composed images.

Chantal Bülow (She/Her)
Graphic Design
Currently in Haag

Chantal Bülow Torres is a Copenhagen-based graphic designer. She works with both analog and digital media. She is studying for her bachelor’s in Visual Communication at The Royal Danish Academy - Architecture, Design, Conservation.

Dragongirl (She/They)
Electronic Composer and DJ

Composer and producer Dragongirl works at the intersection of club music, contemporary music and performing arts. dragongirl is interested in how music can build worlds, create spaces, create its own form of tactility and put the body in different states. After her critically acclaimed EP "Tripomatic Fantasies" (2021), she’s back in 2023 with her debut album "hot blue" - a hard-hitting, yet playful and lighthearted club adventure. With suggestive and atmospheric notes, she works towards a future where dragons and machines live together side by side.  

Frederik Nielsen / Sylkee  (He/Him)
DJ and Coordinator
Currently in Aarhus

Frederik is a member of kmmunity as a volunteer and DJ, and loves everything that evolves around the creative cultures, whether its music, photography, DJing or graphic design. As he’s living in Aarhus at the moment, he’s main function is basically organising, fundraising and keeping contact with the members whos located in Aarhus.

Ellen Bonderup (She/Her)
Coordinator, Communication and Event.

Back in 2020 when we first started, Ellen was intrigued by a cute community, such as Kmmunity, both because she loves the fusion of the political, therapeutic and aesthetic symbiosis of mixing art forms and also because she wants to help emerging artists with PR, networking and collaborating with other artists. But most of all she wanted to be a part of a fun and intimate community. Ellen is often in charge of communication with our existing members, potential members and collaborators.

Emma Auksutat (She/Her)
Tattoist and Artist

A 24-year-old artist and tattoo artist from Denmark.  She works with various mediums - primarily drawing, painting and installations. She has a great interest in creating a relatable figurative language through her art, which focuses heavily on identity and authenticity. In addition, she also expresses art through tattooing, which she does for a living and has been doing for about 2.5 years<3

Hannah Bak-Hansen (She/Her)
Coordinator, Curatoin and Events

Hannah is passionate about enhancing the opportunities and terms of artists and the creative sphere in general. She is especially intrigued when art becomes communicative through visuality, which is why her primary focus is on curating our exhibitions. She has a passion for the multidisciplinary artform and sees the potential and beauty in bringing different expressions together. Besides curation, she is also active in our events and all sorts of external and internal communicative affairs.

Hex Electronix (They/Them) 
DJ and Producer

Since their debut in 2021, HEX ELECTRONIX has been a shooting star within the Danish DJ scene, playing at venues such as Ved Siden Af, Distortion and Copenhagen Pride. Through a playful mixture of techno, hyperpop, electro and breaks, their goal is to invite femme queerness into the sounds of the rave with bouncy beats, enticing melodies and catchy vocal hooks. The HEX experience is a little bit campy, a little bit gritty, and always unapologetically intense in its energy.

Iben Munch Thomsen (She/They)
Founder, Coordinator and Visual Design 

Iben is a dynamic and curious character, and ever since she founded Kmmunity (which she initially thought would become a poster and graphic novel webshop), she has been organising projects that aim towards a slower, more hollistic and collective future. She is currently studying a creative entrepreneurship and design programme with the intention of creating a sustainable and community oriented clubhouse.

Jonas Götze (He/Him)
Musician, Lyricist and Visual Artist

Eternally creative, always in the process of creativity, Jonas Götze works in an interdisciplinary field between music, poetry and visual art, building his own universe of unique imagery.

Götze’s lyrical explorations, honest songwriting and texturally complex visual works invites one along on his perpetually changing praxis and self-therapeutic ways of expression, weaving improvised elements and a deeply devoted love of art, into every aspect of his work. Always becoming-with himself, his works and his audience, Götze aspires for sincerity, connection, and self-exploration.

Jonathan Fabricius Ravat (He/Him)
Musician, Visual Artist and DJ

Jonathan Fabricius Ravat is a Copenhagen-based musician, visual artist, DJ, and founder of the project Prins Moria. With a curious mixed media approach to themes like sensitivity, impermanence and taboos, he combines auditory expressions with visuals, cut-up/collage, poetry, video/photography, performance and installation art. Throughout his work, we find both similarities and contrasts between nature and humanity, silence and noise, organic and synthetic sound, and as we emerge ourselves in his world of tectonic beats and rhythms that merge with the delicate melodies of strings, voices and woodwinds, we discover an intricate web of stories.

To contact Jonathan

To contact Prins Moria ~

Karoline Bay Sørensen (She/Her)
DJ, Coordinator, Graphic Design and Events
Currently in Melbourne

Karoline is a creative individual who is always to be found where the party is. Her roles in Kmmunity primarily revolve around graphic design and events and besides functioning as a coordinator, she also DJ’s under the name k-trance. Her interests range widely in the fields of art and design and she is a part of Kmmunity because she believes that we stand stronger when working together and can help each other shine. In Copenhagen she is studying Brand Design but has spent the last semester on exchange in Hong Kong.

Magnus Jungersen (He/Him)
Coordinator, Communicator and Events

Magnus is a coordinator at Kmmunity who is involved in running the website and organizing events related to Kmmunity. Besides studying at the University of Copenhagen, he works as a freelance VFX and 3D graphics artist. He is interested in exploring how new technologies can be used to build synthetic and digital worlds and how these can be blended with the physical world and shaped empathetically.

Magnus Mejrup (He/Him)
Coordinator, Communicator and Events

Magnus loves Kmmunity because he believes in the power of bringing people together and creating meaningful connections. He is a great coordinator as he goes beyond simply organizing events; he strives to create inclusive and engaging experiences that foster a sense of belonging. His ability to understand diverse community needs and tailor events accordingly makes him a standout coordinator who genuinely cares about the people he serves.

Magnus Nygaard (He/Him)
Currently in Göteborg

Magnus Malthe Nygaard Jeppesen (b. 1997) studies fine art photography at HDK-Valand, Gothenburg. With photography as a medium, he is interested in storytelling and in building universes. These are visual universes that grow from feelings, reflections, investigations, and questions to himself and his surroundings. The photographs become thoughts, feelings, and emotions that can otherwise be difficult to put into words. Previously published photo books: Where What Blooms (2022) and ...And Certain Things Just Won’t Stop Pouring (2022).

Maja Maria Aaby Christensen (She/Her)

She is a photographer who specializes in capturing natural beauty and authenticity, and she strive to create images that reflect the unique personalities and emotions of her subjects. Whether she is shooting portraits, candid moments, or special events, her goal is to capture the essence of each individual and to tell their story through her photography.
+45 30369373

Michael Tsalkos (He/Him)
Visual Art and Graphic Design

Michael is a multidisciplinary artist, meaning he has a wide range of skills in the field of graphics and doesn't specialize in one particular area. He is always willing to explore and use new tools, whether in analog or digital media, which makes him versatile and adaptable. One of Michael's unique traits is his ability to include hidden (or not so hidden) references to various subjects in his work. These references can range from complex graphic theory to something more ordinary, like pop culture. By incorporating these references, Michael creates a connection with his audience and invites them to explore the different layers of meaning in his work.

Phie Beckett Stenbæk (She/Her)
Photographer, DJ and Art Director

Phie Beckett Stenbæk is a Copenhagen-based photographer, dj and art director. She works in the Danish music industry promoting up-coming and established artists through visual production of all kinds of mediums. On the weekends, she plays House, Garage and Afro Beat under dj name Phi Phi Dream Island.

Rigmor Anna Reher (She/Her)
Digital artist

In her visual design work she play with combining deconstructed shapes, inverted colors & organic movement. Deconstructing the raw video or photo file until it is unrecognizable & have been reborn into another story. In search of the spot between the abstract & the familiar. She gets her inspiration from her own emotions, dreams, observations in the public space & in her never ending imagination. She mainly work in collaboration with musicians/bands & create visual identities around the artist and/or upcomming release. It could be a poster, coverart, musicvideo, promo for IG, merch or visualizer.

Sigrid India (She/Her)
Art Photographer

Sigrid India is an art photographer, who is currently making a book about women with ADHD. She has interviewed and photographed various women who tell what it is like to live with ADHD. With her art, she wants to destigmatize and demystify having mental disorders. She has also made other artistic work that is based on having mental disorders. She would like to remove the taboo of having a mental disorder in a medical record. Sigrid's art is an activist take on defusing and destigmatizing mental illness.
Silje Andersen (She/Her)
Digital artist, Vj and Jeweler

Silje is a digital artist and graphic designer that displays her works as live visuals for concerts, nightclubs etc. as well as independent installation pieces and exhibitions that explores the field of multi media and interactivity. She also works with visual brand identities, poster designs and webdesign. Besides her passion for digital creation, she's a jewellry maker with her own brand solid8 studio.

Sofie Nørreriis (She/Her)
Currently in Berlin

Their jewelry should be seen as small sculptures – small projections that remind people of the clash between nature and the industrial world and the duality it creates within us. These contrasts and combinations of sharp and soft structures and expressions are all around, serving as a big source of inspiration for their designs.

As a designer, they believe in their duty to be aware of the world around them. They recognize that now, more than ever, it's crucial to acknowledge our nature's need for help and our society's need for change. They aspire to bring about that change by designing for all people, not genders, and by designing for the future, creating aesthetically sustainable jewelry from as green materials as possible.

Sophia Magdelena Smith (She/Her)
Coordinator, Communication and Graphic Design

Sophia’s work stems from a fascination with the communicative profession - especially in relation to culture. Working at festivals and creative communities she’s spent the past years exploring ways to help creatives strive and excel. Her main motivation is to amplify the voices of creatives by combining strategy with creativity. And if you ask her about this at a dinner party she might not stop talking;)

Sophie Georgin (She/Her)
Multimedia Designer

Sophie Georgin is a Multimedia Designer from Scotland who now resides in Copenhagen. She has a focus on creating abstract and unique designs using different graphic design and 3d techniques. Her work is inspired by her interests in different art movements like surrealism, maximalism and abstract expressionism and also electronic music! She aims to make each piece different and use bold in colours and shapes in many of her works. Sophie also does freelance work with many different music artists and clubs in Copenhagen, and is still available to do so!

(Photo by Sigrid India)

Søren Katborg-Vestergaard (They/Them)

Søren Katborg explores human perceptions of and interactions with technology through their artworks, ranging from photography and video to digital/interactive and 3D art. Inspired by internet culture, digital existences, and the trans-humanist opportunities of technology, their work often examines the fringe limitations of technologies, old and new, and how we interact with them.

Søren attended Fatamorgana Fall 2021 - Spring 2022, and Kunsthøjskolen i Holbæk Spring 2023, has worked for SEIN as a feature-picture producer since 2018 and has exhibited at multiple group showings, including ‘SOLSTORM’ (2022) and ‘LO<3ABLE’ (2023).