An essential purpose of Kmmunity is to share our universe with the “real world”; meaning that we aim to create interdisciplinary events, cute merchandise and collaborations with other organisations, venues and people. We want the events to be a stepping stone for our artists to other collaborations, but first and foremost we want to make all people related to Kmmunity; whether it being people within Kmmunity, collaborators and people coming to our events, to feel like they belong.

Coming up ~

A House of Worlds (16-24.11.2023)

What does it mean to build a world in a physical context?

In the rooms of Riises Landsted, a house of worlds will deepdive into the functions of worldbuilding and soundscaping. By creating terms and boundaries of a chosen world and conveying it through aesthetic and auditive languages, this exhibition will have your senses tingling. A world scaped into a physical realm becomes a unique tool that connects artist, art and participant in transcendental fashions. The exhibition will challenge the artists in the languages and natures of their art and aesthetic, and is meant just as much a developmental tool for the artist as it is an invitation for you, the participants, to enter their worlds. We hope you will be a part of this project, and come witness the variety of artistry worlds exhibited.

Free entrance for all

16:00 / Welcome drinks and cutiebags
17:00 / Bbyangeltattoo & Prins Moria Performance 
20:30 / Orangeri concert 
21:00 /Dragongirl dj-set
*times are subject to change

Weekdays - 16:00 till 20:00
Weekends - 14:00 till 22:00

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Past Projects ~

Kmmunity Collection Box (10.08.2023)

In collaboration with Byhaven we invite you to a very special showcase of all the artists in our beloved Kmmunity. It is rare we have the opportunity to exhibit all our artist in one event - and we can't wait to show you guys kmmunity’s very unique collection box.You can experience dj-sets, exhibitions, visuals and take a look in the shop, where you can by kmmunity-merch and artwork from several artists!Beside this, we hope to see you at this cute event full of endearing performances, vibes and exhibitions.
We can't wait for a night filled with energy and community <3

Open from 15:00 till 00:00

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Superstar Karaoke Night (11.05.2023)

‘Superstar Karaoke Night’ was a collaboration with singer/songwriter Søren Michelsen in connection with the release of his single Superstar. It was a night in honor of the x-factor generation that for the entirety of its existence has been paced and pushed under the impression that professional success will lead to personal happiness. In a sarcastic take, we came together and dealt with themes such as vanity, self-realization and generational unity. Besides concert by Søren Michelsen, we had a karaoke session and exhibition.
Participants: DJ Phi Phi Dream Island, visuals by Sillou Eight, exhibition by Sigrid India and Emma Auksutat curated by Hannah Bak-Hansen, Ellen Bonderup, Iben Munch Thomsen, Magnus Jungersen, Bluma Seline Cornett.

Kmmunity Scarf (2022)

Our beloved “Kmmunity Scarf” was created during the fall of 2022. With the help from the artist Sophie Georgin, we released a limited edition Kmmunity football scarf. We did a pick-up at Nørrebro, København, and watced how our small neighbourhood suddenly turned into a fan community of  our Kmmunity fantasy footballclub. 

Kmmunities (17-18.06.2022)

Kmmunities was a two-day festival in June of 2022. With origin in our core values, our goals with Kmmunities was to transcend our platform and community to other creative organisations. By inviting these other organizations to join our festival, we created a two-day community in the name of helping young creatives in copenhagen.

In this merge, we had a variety of concerts, long-table dinner, dj-sets, an exhibition, talk, art market, performance and an after-party. We aimed to create a dynamic environment, where engaging with each other and the various creative outlets would become the most natural thing in the world.

Participating was; Final.Planet, Prust, ShyNails (Miku Studio), Amalie og Floras Middage, Tidsskriftet Lava, Queer Music Agency, In Favor Of, Solas World, Carrie Management, Tullepan and kmmunity artists: Chantal Bülow, Magnus Nygaard, Maja Maria Aaby, Elisa Cederkof, Ela Lung, Sophie Georgin, DragonGirl, Hex Electronix, Bbyangel Tattoo and Phi Phi Dream Island, Sophia Magdalena Smith, Hannah Bak-Hansen, Iben Munch Thomsen, Magnus Mejrup, Sune Stab Kristensen

Lovable (09.04.2022)

In the name of love, we set out to constitute an exhibition within the frame of platonic love. Platonic meaning not the romantic love between lovers, but rather the warm feelings that exist between friends, siblings or whoever has a place in your heart. A bunch of Kmmunity artists came together and exhibited their own interpretations of the concept, which resulted in the two-week exhibition Lovable at Springbrættet 6a.

Participating was; Magnus Nygaard, Søren Katborg, Cecillie Klausen, Milo Smilla, Maja Maria Aaby, Rigmor Reher,  Oskar Drost Brøndumbo, Hannah Bak-Hansen, Sophia Magdalena Smith, Karoline Bay Sjøgren.

A special thanks to Springbrættet 6a for the collaboration.

Please don’t break the shell that I call home (17.02.2022)

A really beautiful solo exhibition by Emma-Rosa Liebgen that mixed sculptures, ceramics and text. It revolved around the fragility of existence and the fear of losing. It took place in the greenhouse at Café Mellemfolk in Aarhus and lasted 3 days in total - the first day being a vernissage where DJ Jens-Bjørn came and played a mix.

Participating was; Emma-Rosa Liebgen, Frederik Nielsen and Jens-Bjørn.

In collaboration with; Café Mellemfolk and PUKK-puljen.

Myriad of Mycelia (11.12.2021)

The pop-up vernissage and exhibition took place in the small bunker by the bar LeCoq in Aarhus. It was an intimate experience we, with Agnes Olivia Schyberg, created with swampy formations as the theme for the event. Dragongirl created soundscapes with electronic dungeon ambience. The event ended at LeCoq with beers and (of course) chartreuse.

Participating was; Agnes Schyberg, Dragongirl, Iben Munch Thomsen, Frederik Nielsen, Claudia Smith, Signe Tvilling.

In collaboration with; PUKK puljen and LeCoq.

Over Jorden (10.09.2021)

In extension of Under Jorden we made Over Jorden in collaboration with Haven20 in the early fall of 2021. This was a one-day festival as well, and we also arranged a vernissage, concerts and dj-sets with a big variety of engaged members of Kmmunity who showed their artwork (in many facets). Some performed with their project for the first time, some took part of Kmmunity for the first time, some also participated in Under Jorden with their amazing artwork.

Participating was; Exereal, Cecillie Klausen, Maja Maria Aaby, Chantal Büllow Torres, Emmarosa Liebgen, Oskar Brøndumbo, Søren Katborg, Congestus, Claudia Smith, DJ HEX ELECTRONIX, Ela Lung, RØR, K-trance, Signe Alarcón, Ellen Bonderup, Magnus Mejrup, Iben Munch Thomsen, Sophia Magdalena Smith, Karoline Bay Sørensen, Rosa Petry.

In collaboration with; Haven20 and Zilia Roikjær and Snabslanten.

Under Jorden (17.07.2021)

After a long startup in COVID-19 with virtuel dj-sets as our only events at the time, Under Jorden was our first in-person event. It was hoste
d in mid July 2021 at the harbor of Aarhus in the venue of Rethinkers Gelinde and was a onedayfestival, in which several of our cute Kmmunity members participated, both in terms of making a vernissage, performing concerts and dj-sets, designing merch as well as the more practical and logistic part. It was such a magical night and we were so blessed by all the people who showed passion in both organizing the event, showing their artwork and by the guests who came and created the most cohesive atmosphere. We really felt the community of Kmmunity.

Participating was; Exereal, Agnes Olivia Schyberg, Chantal Bülow Torres, Ela Lung, Taralillah, Signe Alarcón, Hex Electronix, Iben Munch Thomsen, Ellen Bonderup, Karoline Bay Sørensen, Signe Tvilling (and dear friends)

In collaboration with; PUKK puljen and Rethinkers Gelinde.